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16 Kg 440V-60Hz FL Dryer MAXX-COMD16EW 440V For Marine

Ref: IMPA Code –  175541, 175521

Two-Way Operations: The dryer is equipped with two-way operation and rotation, which greatly improves the drying efficiency and keeps the clothes from being entangled, so the drying effect Is better.

Four-Way Protection: The machine is equipped with a four-way temperature sensor protection device on both dryers, which can immediately trigger an alarm and take the necessary action when a corresponding output is detected.

Optimized Drying Process: The new system of mixed axial-radial airflow increases the efficiency of the whole drying process.

Controls: The presence of a Large Control Display screen with multiple languages facilitates better understanding for users and enables effortless operation of the machine.

Hexagonal lattice structure: The improved Hexagonal lattice structure of the inner drum improves both the efficiency and quality of drying.

Heavy-Duty Frame: The dryer is equipped with a heavy-duty frame, bearing, and shaft to reduce wear and tear greatly.

Large Door Opening: Having a large diameter door with an opening angle of 180° is tremendously advantageous when it comes to effortlessly loading and unloading various items.

Large Filter: Large and easy lint collector simplifies clean up.



Model: MAXX-COMD16EW 440V
Capacity: 16 kg / 35 Lbs
Laundry Dryer, Vented Type
Marine Variant Commercial Grade
Drum Volume: 286 Ltr
Reversible door hanging for a convenient laundry flow
Easy access to vital parts from the top and rear for simple servicing
Stainless steel drum
User-Friendly Operating Panel
Long-term savings



Technical Specifications

Model MAXX-COMD16EW 440V
Loading capacity 16 kg (35 Lbs)
Drum Volume 286
Drum Diameter 745
Heating AC 10.5 kW
Heating type Electric
Drum material Stainless Steel
Type of control Electronic
Construction type Free-standing
Panel Language English, Thai, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Malay, etc.
Heat emission % of installed power, max 0.9
Consumption data
Total time full load (min) 30-35
Energy consumption full load (kWh) 6
Evaporation (g/min) 0.25
Energy kWh/litre water evaporated (kWh/l) 0.9
Air outlet ø 190 mm
Maximum airflow 800 m³/h
Maximum static back pressure 1.8
Electrical Data
Voltage (V) 440 – 480V
Frequency (Hz) 60Hz – 3ph
Rated Power (kW) 11.12
Required Fuse (A) 5
Energy kWh/litre 0.93
Sound power/pressure level at drying*  dB(A) 68-70
Shipping Details
Product Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 800 x 1174 x 1675
Box Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 950 x 1324 x 1750
Gross / Net Weight 173.5 / 158.5 kg
Shipping Volume 2.20 m³