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16 Kg 440V-60Hz FL Washing Machine MAXX-COMW16EW 440V for Marine

Ref: IMPA Code –  175501

Type: Front Load Commercial Washing Machine, Marine Variant, Fully automatic.

Capacity: 16 kg / 35 Lbs

Full mold one-time cast: The entire machine uses a single mold for all parts. A robot welds the components together, guaranteeing accuracy and flawless craftsmanship of the product.

UVC disinfection Function: The actual UVC light will be activated as soon as the washing cycle begins. The cylinder will be exposed to the disinfection light the entire time the washing cycle is running, providing an extra level of sanitation. This can efficiently eliminate bacteria.

Cylinder disinfection program: To eliminate customers’ concerns about cross-infection, we develop a disinfection program to let them pre-wash the cylinder before washing the clothes

Touch Screen: The big Touch screen is easy to operate and read. 5-inch and 7-inch available. 13 kinds of languages suit different consumers across the globe.




Model:                                MAXX-COMW16EW 440V
Type:                                   Hard Mount Fast Spin Washer Extractor
Capacity:                            16 kg / 35 Lbs
Extraction Speed:             750 rpm
G-Factor:                            204
Stainless Steel body frame and Drum
Multi-language panel with LED Display for easy operational
Fully automatic
Marine Variant Commercial Grade
Automatic liquid detergent supply
High extraction force for efficient dewatering
User-Friendly Operating Panel
Long-term savings
Voltage:                               60Hz-440V-3Ph



Technical Specifications

Model MAXX-COMW16EW 440V
Type Hard Mount Fast Spin Washer Extractor
Loading capacity (Kg/Lbs) 16 kg / 35 Lbs
Drum Volume (Ltr) 286
Drum Diameter (cm) 63.5
Drum Depth (cm) 36.5
High Speed (rpm) 750
Washing Speed (rpm) 32
G-factor 204
General Feature
Drum material 304 Stainless Steel
Body material 304 Stainless Steel
Type of Control OPL
Construction type OPL, Freestanding
Operation Electronic / Programmable  Microprocessor
Panel Language options English, Thai, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Malay, etc.
Consumption data ”ECO 60°C Full Load 16 kg Half load 9 kg
Total time min Washing 25-30 min Drying 30-35 min
Water consumption (cold+hot) Ltr 70-80 ltr
Water valves 1/2 inch caliber
Water pressure (kPa)
Capacity at 300 kPa (l/min)
0.1 – 1.0 mpa
Inlet valve (inch)  ø 3/4 inch
Drain valve (inch)  ø 3-inch, 90 degree
Draining capacity 180 litre/ min
Liquid detergent supplies 5 liquid soap signals
Electrical Data
Voltage 440 – 480V
Frequency 60Hz – 3Ph
Phase 3 Ph
Required Fuse (Amp) 5 A
Motor (kw) 2.5 kW
Heating (kW) 12 kW
Total Power
Motor+electric heated+inverter power (kW)
16.4 kW
Shipping Details
Product Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 798 x 1011 x 1297
Door Bottom To Floor (mm) 367
Door Handle To Floor (mm) 646
Packed Dimensions LxWxH (mm)  948 x 1161 x 1447
Gross / Net Weight (kg) 272 / 302
Shipping Volume 1.593 m³