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6 Kg 440V-60Hz FL Washing Machine Electrolux-WH6-6 for Marine

Ref: IMPA Code –  175501

Front Load Commercial Washing Machine

Capacity: 6 kg

Marine Variant, Fully automatic

Outstanding productivity

Reversing drum for less tangling of large items

Stainless steel drum and front panel

Control/Program: Compass Pro OPL/6G81 General



Model: WH6-6
Capacity: 6 kg / 13 Lbs
Extraction, rpm 1450 RPM
Washer Extractor
Fully automatic
Marine Variant Commercial Grade
Drum Volume: 53 Ltr
Drum diameter: 45.2 cm
G-factor – 530
Automatic liquid detergent supply
High extraction force for efficient dewatering
Programs optimized for lowest water, energy and detergent consumption
Stainless steel drum, Front Panel
Stainless steel base frame
User-Friendly Operating Panel
Long-term savings



Technical Specifications

Electrolux  WH6-6
Loading capacity 6 kg / 13 Lbs
Drum Volume 53 Ltr
Drum Diameter 45.2
RPM 1300
G-factor 425
Drum material Stainless Steel
Body material St. Steel Front Panel
Type of control Electronic
Construction type Free-standing
Panel Language English
Consumption data ”ECO 60°C Full Load 6kg Half load 3kg
Total time min 50 48
Water consumption (cold+hot) Ltr 29+10 17+5 Ltr
Energy consumption (motor/heating/hot water) kWh 0.2/0.15/0.6 0.2/0.1/0.3
Residual moisture % 50 53
Heat Emission % of installed power, max 5
Water valves 20 DN
Water pressure 200-500kPa
Capacity at 300 kPa 17 l/min
Drain valve 50 ø mm
Draining capacity 160 l/mm
Liquid detergent supplies 5
Electrical Data
Voltage 440 – 480V
Frequency 60Hz
Required Fuse 10A
Heating Power kW 4 4.4
Total Power kW 4.3 4.7
Sound power/pressure level at extraction* dB(A) 70 56
Sound power/pressure level at wash* dB(A) 56 42
Shipping Details
Product Dimensions HxWxD 83.5 x 59.5 x 68 cm
Net Weight 100 kg
Shipping Volume 0.46 m³